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Land Trusts

A land trust is a nonprofit organization that can assist waterfront property owners who wish to voluntarily conserve their properties through the granting of conservation easements. Likewise, local governments may work with land trusts as partners to manage and maintain public access areas. In both circumstances, the land subject to the trust is managed by the land trust organization, for the purposes set out in the trust agreement. These purposes can include preservation for a variety of purposes, and may include preservation of land for public access to the water.

The following organizations can provide more resources to private landowners interested in granting conservation easements. Public users can also find additional information about local preservation and access efforts in coastal Mississippi.

Land Trusts Operating in Mississippi

The Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to protect the six coastal counties’ natural lands, scenic areas, fresh water resources, and wildlife habitat. Incorporated in 2000 as Mississippi’s first land trust, over 6,700 acres have been protected. The Land Trust is dedicated to connecting people with nature. It protects and stewards significant and vulnerable natural, scenic, and historic areas to help ensure that our cherished natural resources will be here for all to enjoy for years to come.

Mississippi Land Trust

The Mississippi Land Trust, a charitable organization, works only with private, willing landowners to find ways to preserve Mississippi's rich history, including bottomlands and bayous, coastal savannas, longleaf pine forests, and scenic rivers and streams.

Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation

The Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation is a coalition of 30 local, regional, and national conservation organizations that work in the Gulf Coast region within the five Gulf of Mexico states – Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Its mission is to increase the quality and permanence of voluntary land and water conservation within the coastal region. The member organizations work with private landowners and local communities to protect the most important natural resources and beautiful landscapes in the region: ranchlands, mangrove forests, bays, bayous, estuaries, fresh water springs, longleaf pine forests, as well as sandy beaches and barriers islands. The Gulf Partnership operates under the umbrella of the Land Trust Alliance and is governed by an executive committee made of leaders from partner organizations.

The Nature Conservancy

A nationally recognized conservation group, The Nature Conservancy has a number of protected areas along the coast that preserve portions of the coastal ecology for all to see. The Nature Conservancy also provides technical assistance to groups and individuals who may be interested in land preservation.

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